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Other Services

As well as giving you one-to-one lessons about all aspects of home computer use, the My Computer Tutor service will undertake projects for you. Here are just a few examples:


One of the advantages of having a home computer is in its ability to store information for you. I can teach you how to construct databases for yourself - an address book, as a popular example. On the other hand, you might want to have a database 'up and running' quickly, without spending time on learning how to do it. Bear in mind also that one of the most tedious tasks on a computer is 'data-entry' - typing in all that information. I can build you easy-to-use systems that will store your information.


Many people ask me how they can produce letters, posters, invitations, certificates, labels, magazine articles or other printed material that looks good. If you are short of time, find typing tedious and just want the job done, I can produce these to order.

Mail merge

Did you know that your computer can insert the information from your database into a document template? For example, you can produce individually-addressed letters or envelope labels for any or all of the people in your address book. Very useful if you have a hundred or so club members to write to. Again, I can provide this service if you need the job done professionally and promptly.


My Computer Tutor will design websites for you. After consultation with you I will build you a website that suits your purpose and branding. I do not use third party templates. My websites are cleanly coded, tastefully designed and 'Web-compliant'.
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For more details about services that My Computer Tutor offers, or for any queries you might have, please see the Contact page and get in touch with me to discuss your needs.

Advice about Repairs

For any sort of repair to your computer, installations of hardware or networks, call-outs, trouble-shooting or technical problems with your computer system, you need to contact a technical expert.

I can recommend:
Exmouth Computers

Click on this link for further details.

Tailor-made Manuals

I can produce high-quality instruction manuals, describing in detail the topics that you need. These manuals are a combination of screenshots, clear directions and explanations laid out on A4 laminated pages and bound in a hardback presentation binder.

I provide these free in the course of a block of 4 or more lessons. As a separate service a manual would be priced per page.