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Many of my clients tell me that they have been to computer classes at their local college or community centre. They found that there were a dozen or more other students and one tutor, who was teaching topics on an exam syllabus. The idea is to make more people 'computer literate' and better prepared for office employment.

In practice, you find that you are trying to do things that don't interest you, on a computer that doesn't look at all familiar, among a group of people who all seem to know about computers already!

Your lessons with me will be on your own computer in your own home and at your pace. You choose the topics and I provide all the support you need to guarantee your success. Some of the popular topics that my clients request are listed on the right, but if there's anything else that you want to do, please contact me and let me know.

I teach lessons of one hour, an hour-and-a-half or two hours. There are discounts on the hourly rate for the longer sessions. See the Terms of business for more details.

Tailor-made Manuals

I produce high-quality manuals for my clients, describing in detail the topics that they are learning. These manuals are a combination of screenshot illustrations, clear directions and explanations laid out on A4 laminated pages and bound in a hardback presentation binder. I can produce these as a separate service, but for clients who have a block of lessons these manuals are provided free of charge.

Examples of Manuals

You can see extracts here from some of the manuals I produce for clients.

Windows Live MailWord 2007 Flash drivesAdobe and PDFs

Some topics...

Getting started

What have I got?

'XP', 'Vista', Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (and your privacy!)




Internet safety

Searching the Web

Shopping & booking online

Exploring Ebay

Using email

Using Skype

Getting it all organised

Files and Folders

Word processing

Letters, posters etc.

Pictures and photos

Using a printer


Letterheads, labels and 'mail merge'